Fitness, food, life! Also documenting my 12WBT.

Height: 158 cm/ 5'2
SW: 63.6(140 lbs)
GW: 54 kg (119 lbs)


Jul 09

So today I’m going to do my card workout and the 99 workout.

However I’m changing the 99 a bit. Editing, if you will as I have the cardworkout.

Keeping the jumping jacks

keeping the crunches

keeping that damn wall sit from hell

keeping the pushups

and adding plyometric lunges with handweights instead of leg lifts.

And instead of 11 minute run I’m going with:

11 plyometric lunges

11 burpees

11 weighted squats with arm curls

11 Russian Twists

11 Ski jumps

X 2

+  11 weighted squat jumps